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RS Partition Recovery 2.8

Recover data lost due to drive reformatting and repartitioning
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RS Partition Recovery can help you rescue lost data. It is excellent that the program works in the most complex scenarios, like drive reformatting, virus attacks, disk repartitioning and device corruption. Likewise, it is useful for more common situations, such as accidental data deletion.

Despite the evidently complex processes going on under the hood, the tool is quite friendly with the user. Thus, you do not need so much expertise to successfully recover your files. Just as many other similar programs, RS Partition Recovery is wizard-based, so you receive step-by-step assistance when performing most operations, such as scanning and recovering. Not only that, there is excellent help documentation as well.

Good news is that the program supports not only working with current disk partitions, but also finding deleted partitions. In this respect, it is also possible to restrict searching to a given disk segment. Likewise, the program even lets you mount an image disk and try recover files from it. The tool is compatible with all the file systems used by Windows (FAT, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5). Three types of scans are possible. First, there is fast scan, which should always be the first option as it provides quicker, yet less accurate, results. As a second choice when the rapid choice does not work, you can resort to full scan. One of the options in this group is content-aware analysis, which searches for deleted files using their signatures.

Once the results are available, they are presented in an explorer-like fashion; but, besides the standard folders, there are some special ones, which are used to store orphaned data. The files found can fortunately be sorted in various ways, such as date, recovery prognosis, name and type. What is more, the program lets you search for specific files. Another major advantage of this program is that it lets you preview various file types, including media, pictures and PDFs. Luckily, there is also a HEX editor, a solution for advanced users who would like to inspect the file’s source code.

The product conveniently supports various ways to save the rescued files. Thus, you can simply save the data to a standard folder. Moreover, the tool can burn discs or create ISO images. Last, it gives you the possibility to send the files to an FTP site.

All in all, RS Partition Recovery is one of the most complete tools of its kind available. The product is free to test. However, its trial version has an enormous limitation: you cannot actually rescue files, so there is no evidence of its efficacy.

Pedro Castro
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  • Works in many different data loss scenarios
  • Mounts disk image
  • Supports FAT and NTFS
  • Provides content-aware scan
  • Allows file preview and prognosis
  • Saves files to various types of storage media and uploads them to FTP servers


  • The trial version does not allow actual file recovery
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